Founded in 2000 by Jacob Goldman with a focus on the Lower East Side's co-op village, LoHo Realty is one NYC's primary brokers. Today, LoHo's top listings and superior service cover all of Manhattan.

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Jacob Goldman


New York Magazine counted Jacob Goldman among the “Neighborhood Changers” on its list of “The Influentials,” the people whose “ideas, power, and sheer will are changing New York.” And a New York Times article declared: “LoHo Realty, Jacob’s company, hatched in 2000, is the No. 1 broker for the [Co-op Village] 4,500 apartments.” Jacob arrived in the neighborhood in 1995, “a young law student, ready to start a family and drawn by the low rents.” He couldn’t have picked a better time. In a few short years, the co-ops on Grand Street voted to privatize and Goldman, reading the writing on the wall, founded his brokerage firm, LoHo Realty. The name, which stands for Lower than Houston, soon became synonymous with the real estate explosion of Co-op Village. Today, some 15 years later, Jacob and his family still live in Co-op Village, and LoHo Realty continues to be the leader in local real estate.

Manhattan Lower East Side

Housing corporations of Co-op Village

LoHo Realty’s focus, from its inception, on the four housing corporations of Co-op Village: East River, Seward Park, Amalgamated and Hillman, is what separates it from the herd. Since 2000, LoHo has executed more than 1000 sales and 250 subleases, continuing to affirm the Times’ assertion that LoHo Realty is the primary Co-op Village broker.

Jacob Goldman brings to the table his vast experience with all aspects of the real estate transaction–as attorney, seller, buyer, and broker. He is an expert on co-op closings and offers rich, first-hand knowledge of interacting and negotiating with the co-op boards. He is well versed in the co-op by-laws and the reconstitution plans. He is closely familiar with both management and board members, drawing on that vast knowledge every day to meet the needs of his sellers and buyers.

Manhattan Lower East Side Bialystoker Synagogue

Public servant

Jacob is unique in perceiving his role beyond marketing and sales, as a public servant. He served on Community School Board 1 for five years, and on the Neighborhood Advisory Board of Community District 3 for six years. He is member of a special neighborhood advisory board of the Educational Alliance and serves as honorary president of the Bialystoker Synagogue.

In the spirit of public service, LoHo Realty regularly arranges food collections for the needy and blood drives for local hospitals. “We can’t just put folks in an apartment, take the money and walk away,” says Jacob Goldman. “It’s an on-going relationship. We want people to continue selling and buying with us as their needs change – we’re here for them.