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Manhattan’s Downtown Haven

The palpable vibrancy of the Lower East Side, driven by its history, its nightlife, its food, its art, and its people, give this fabled neighborhood a unique, character and enviable richness.

Amidst this setting, the 4,500 spacious units in the Lower East Side’s Co-op Village—which range from studios to 6-plus bedrooms—are an ideal investment for the discerning client. Featuring panoramic views, gyms, playgrounds, security and other amenities, this haven within Manhattan is close enough to everything while offering an extraordinary quality of life for a new creative class to mix with community veterans.

LoHo Realty offers the market insights and the best listings in this continually evolving, incredible community. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy, we can’t wait to help you.

Manhattan Lower East Side

New York City’s oldest neighborhoods

It’s one of New York City’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. Even by New York standards, it is a place of incredible diversity, where past meets present, numerous ethnic and religious groups exist side by side, and some of New York’s most vibrant nightlife is just a short walk from quiet streets and teeming playgrounds.

Check out the streets of the Lower East Side: Grand, East Broadway, Essex, Orchard, Rivington, Ludlow, Clinton. Whatever you desire can probably be found here—or close by. Aside from its proximity to trains, bus lines, bridges, and tunnels, the Lower East Side borders Manhattan and Brooklyn at the heart of the city.

Manhattan Lower East Side

Co-op Village - Manhattan’s hidden treasure

If the Lower East Side is Manhattan’s hidden treasure, Cooperative Village is its secret jewel. Not only does it offer some of the best housing stock in the Lower East Side, the 4,500 units in Co-op Village—which range from studios to 6-plus bedrooms—also represent some of the best bargains in all of New York.

Where else can you find spacious apartments with panoramic views of the city in complexes that offer gyms, laundries, supermarkets, playgrounds, and 24-hour security.