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Seward Park

High Porch

Musician turns out an Audio Drinking Companion on Seward's 20th floor

by Margaret Mitchell

Joe Quigley Purchased 1-bedroom, 20th floor apartment in Seward Park.

Broker: LoHo Realty

Joe Quigley on the south-east end of his terrace, with the
Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even a snippet of the Verrazano

Joe on the north-east side, with the Williamsburg

Joe Quigley’s kitchen is a breakthrough,
making the living room spacious and

Joe’s living room is dominated by the
view from his windows

oe Quigley lives on a 20th floor
terrace with a snug, cozy
apartment attached to it. When
his friends come to visit for the
first time, he has to warn them
to keep their Oohs and Ahs to a
minimum when they step in, on account
of the small baby living next door. You
see, Joe’s entrance faces the panorama
view of three bridges, three sprawling
boroughs and one curling river.

The magnificence of this urban and gritty view is so overwhelming, one’s
feet proceed porch-bound even as one’s brain attempts to register the breakthrough
kitchen and casual furnishing which make the living area seem spacious
and exceedingly comfy.

It took Joe all of three minutes to decide he wanted the apartment,
when ushered in by a LoHo Realty agent. He was impressed both by the ease
with which his broker guided him through the process and by the fact that
the Seward Park Co-op board members he met didn’t raise a suspicious eyebrow
when he told them he was a professional base player.

“Back where I used to live, in Carol Gardens, Brooklyn, I had to convince
the board I could be trusted,” he says with a broad smile. “Here they were
actually glad to see a musician move in.”

Born in a suburb of Philadelphia, bassist Joe Quigley hit the big time
in 1994, accompanying singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb in her breakout song
Stay (I Missed You), which was part of the soundtrack to the hit
motion picture Reality Bites. The song earned Lisa a Grammy nomination
and seriously revved up Joe’s career.

Today Joe constitutes one quarter of The Drakes, with Laura Ponce (who
just happens to live a few floors below at Seward). The Drakes are punky
and sexy. Their current CD The Drakes is doing well in local markets,
with the hit Collide and their invigorating remake of Rod Stewart’s
Tonight’s the Night. Joe’s grownup job is on Broadway, where he
played in the orchestras for The Full Monty and a recent revival of Jesus
Christ Super Star, and in recording studios and tours, here and abroad.

And now for something completely different. Joe Quigley’s most recent
venture is a solo CD which belongs in the novelty genre, and will probably
be selling in gift shops and tourist stops from the Jersey Shore to California.
It’s an exceedingly silly collection of made up drinking tunes called Audio
Drinking Companion
, with light-hearted attempts to offend several major
ethnic groups with tributes to their booze of choice.

We thought the gulag vodka song was a bit over the top, but the high-school
French cognac chanson made us lose our coffee (Je n’ai pas besoin de
chien / Depuis quand est-il a l’hopital? / Estce qu’il fait beau?
and the smorgasbord of Jewish culturoids, Manischewitz, is a celebration
of confusion, sung to a variant of Rawhide (Every day I’m working /
In the bialy factory / Making kosher baked goods / For all the Hasidim
/ When my day is over / And I return to the kibbutz / Sophie makes me happy
/ When in my hand she puts / Manischewitz

Joe records in his bedroom, running cables from his Apple system in
the living room (overlooking the eastern seaboard). He lays down one track
at a time, and takes the material to a more sophisticated facility to produce
the final versions.

When his next door neighbors had their baby he made sure they understood
he’d stop playing any time his music is disturbing the little one’s sleep.
The calm, accepting atmosphere of the Lower East Side is something he cherishes,
and he understands good neighbors are something you cultivate.

The soft late afternoon sunlight caresses Joe’s cozy place, as we’re
standing on his porch, looking the lazy seagulls in the eye as they glide
down from the Manhattan Bridge into the water for their sushi supper. And
Joe, still mesmerized by the view, after almost two years at this perch,
is telling us about his new project: A CD devoted to girlie drinks.

Joe Quigley will be appearing at the Living Room June 1, 154 Ludlow
Street, between Stanton and Rivington, 212.533.7235. We’ll keep you posted
on his upcoming shows later in the summer.

563 Grand Street, NY NY 10002, 212 388.1115 TEL 212 388.1114 FAX 866 LOHOREALTY TEL info@lohorealty.com